South Fork Ranch

Developed from the historic Hedrick Ranch, South Fork Ranch was once a used by bison herds and cowboys as a natural pass through the Callahan Divide and Buffalo Gap. This area was considered part of the Great Western Cattle Trail which was a used to drive cattle from South Texas into Nebraska. The majority of the ranch has been preserved by establishing it as a “Premier Ranch Estate Community” made up of 767 subdivided acres with home/estate sites from 10 acres up to 21 acres. South Fork Ranch boasts many amenities that will make you proud to call South Fork Ranch “home”; from its excellent location, abundant wildlife and other natural features to the grand entrance, pipe fences and over 10,500’ of concrete roads. South Fork Ranch is unlike any other subdivision in the Big Country and was designed to provide an opportunity for ranch-style living with modern conveniences.

South Fork Ranch Development Company

Kyle Paul and Gerry McDowell of South Fork Ranch Development Company have been developing real estate in the Big Country independently for more than 30 years combined. When the opportunity arose to develop such a unique, historic ranch into a Ranch Estate Community they decided to team up and leverage each other’s strengths in order to create the premier community that South Fork Ranch has come to be. “The goal of South Fork Ranch was to find a way to preserve a property with such a rich history, while creating a Ranch Estate Community allowing homeowners to experience ranch-style living in a private and carefully restricted community”.